What my clients say...

​"I contacted Nicky a couple of months ago when in need of a thorough MOT!  It took a lot of courage on my part as was rapidly going to seed (not a good thing if you are a 66 year old P.E teacher who should know better.) I also have had a very difficult year personally and needed to take more control of my life. It was one of the best decisions I have made, Nic has been (is being) a total professional in all ways. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none and her attention to you as an individual is exceptional, nothing is too much trouble and when you are flagging or beginning to doubt yourself a little text pops up, or a word of encouragement comes your way and your motivation is revitalised. 

Nicola has many areas of expertise and this enables her to devise a holistic programme which is tailor made for you as an individual. She does this having listened carefully to your needs and aims and shares with you new ideas and innovations.

She maintains a very professional and friendly approach in all her sessions which are fun and challenging (her patience is amazing).

I cannot recommend Nicola enough, having worked as a teacher and coach for many years I have experienced many different approaches and worked with a lot of different people she is one of the best. 

If you are worried about sending that message go for it!  Whatever standard of fitness you are Nicola will not disappoint and you will end up being a much better person both physically and mentally for making that decision.  As you embark on your programme whether it be Running Pilates Yoga, Cardio workouts or eating more healthily Nicola will be behind you and with her guidance your aims will be achieved and more to the point you will have fun on the way!"  

Chris, Personal Training & Group Class Client, 2018 to present

"I have been attending yoga with Nicola every week for a year now and I cannot recommend her classes enough. When I'm practicing yoga with her I know I'm in safe hands, not just physically, but emotionally too. Nicola keeps our overall well-being in mind, constantly monitoring and nurturing our progress. Each week we are able to choose positive affirmations before beginning our practice, as well as enjoying the fragrance of essential oils during the class. Nicola is an inspiration and her calming manner makes it easy to relax and meditate before the full body yoga begins. She always explains the benefits and reasoning behind the poses, helping us to achieve the best results possible. No matter how my day has been, I always leave the class feeling completely balanced, energised and ready to face the day!"

Maxine, Group Yoga Class Client, 2018 to present

"I exercise but wanted someone to push me to become more toned and stronger. Nicola does just that. I feel healthier and stronger. My reason for taking up a personal trainer was to have a dedicated person focused on my needs and what I wanted to achieve. Nicola’s training sessions are varied and fun and I feel great after."

Anne O, Personal Training Client, 2019​

"I stopped working full time and felt the need for a new structure in my life, to improve my overall wellbeing.  I was so fortunate to find Nicola as she is so much more than just PT instructor (albeit a very good one). Nicola is able to provide me with the comprehensive programme I was looking for covering the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions she has carefully devised and have seen tangible benefits in many areas of my health. I really cannot recommend her highly enough and she has wisdom beyond her years..

It doesn’t surprise me that she is very busy throughout the week with a broad range of clients seeking her perceptive and non-judgemental guidance and expertise."

Clive, Personal Training & Health Coaching & Meditation Client, 2018 to present

"I’ve been attending Nicola’s yoga classes since moving to Watlington last year and they have become a midweek fixture that I hate to miss. Nicola’s enthusiasm and passion for her subject is combined with a professional and friendly approach. The classes enable me to work at a level that suits me and Nicola’s style is always encouraging and inspiring. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicola’s classes to anyone who is interested to dip their toe into yoga or get back into regular sessions."

​Neville, Group Yoga Class Client, 2018 to present

​​"Having had a muscle injury for over 2 years which has prevented me from taking much exercise, I went to Nicola initially to Pilates classes to gain strength.  Feeling the benefit from these classes, I have now also signed up for her personal training sessions which are tailor made, tough and incredibly addictive!  Nicola's sessions are full of enthusiasm, encouragement, and because they are different each week, never boring or repetitive.  I am slowly getting stronger, learning to be a bit more careful with what I eat and because Nicola has worked side by side with my physio, my injury is slowly healing too!  I can’t rate Nicola highly enough; her positivity is infectious as are her classes, be it Pilates, yoga or personal training."  

Alex, Personal Training & Group Class Client, 2018 to 2019

​​"Just over 8 months ago I had reached a point in my life where I felt physically unfit, tired, out of balance, lacking in energy, uncomfortable in my body, was not sleeping well and was in midst of a relatively big transition in my life. I knew that I wanted to make changes in a positive direction, yet was unsure how to go about this. It was at this juncture that Nicola stepped into my life. I am eternally grateful that she did.  Through her consistent regular professional guidance and mentorship as well as friendship, I can now say that I am fitter, stronger, leaner, and more comfortable with my body than I have been in a long time. I am able to run 5kms comfortably at least three times a week and on my own too, which I would not have believed possible when I first started out. My sleeping and eating habits have shifted and now support this transition into a happier and kinder me. I feel more energized and am more engaged with my life and with the people in it. There is now greater joy, motivation and direction in my life all because I have been supported in my journey back to achieving physical and mental wellbeing and balance.

Nicola is a wonderful, highly experienced and professional Personal Trainer. She has a wealth of knowledge and tools which she uses with great skill and flexibility to help her clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also to maintain them.  When I started out with Nicola, I was not sure which form of exercise I wished to use in order to achieve my goals, so Nicola recommended that I try a different form in each session (Pilates, Yoga, Resistance training with own body, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, boxing, HIIT, running etc). I surprised myself by liking those tools which I had previously disliked, all because they were presented in such a fun way and results were obtained so much more rapidly. I really enjoy resistance training, HIIT, and running!

She tailor makes each session, adapting to whatever the client’s needs or present capability. Her empathy, highly tuned listening skills, humour, and gentle yet firm support, ensure that her sessions are not only fun but successful too. She knows how  and when to push you in such a way so that you come out feeling so much more strong and energized than when you went in.

She is punctual, reliable, caring and always has your very best interest at heart.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to achieve their fitness and overall wellbeing goals. Nicola will help you every step of the way to get there!"

Anne D, Personal Training Client, 2018 to present

​"Thank you Nicola, thanks to you I feel ****ing amazing.  I just don't have a gutt anymore. This morning in bed I could not believe just how flat my stomach looked when I was laying down.  You really have sprinkled magic my way and I just feel so addicted to feeling so good and positive about myself.  I eat so well and feel so good.  You sparked the start of all of this and I am forever forever grateful to you"

Personal Training Client, 2018 (taken from a text received several months after we finished her programme)

"Nicola is a fantastic trainer, she modifies classes through all abilities and levels. I started Pilates after an injury and within just a couple of months am feeling back to confidence and core strength and back starting to run , something I didn't think I'd do for ages! Nicola has a gentle and compassionate way of teaching, great to get back into fitness, improve confidence and build strength to take your practice to the next level! Would definitely recommend."

Anna H, Group Pilates Class Client, 2018 to 2019

"Nicola is a wonderful, knowledgeable and inspirational teacher.  She makes our Pilates class fun, yet challenging! The next day I can really feel the muscles she’s targeted and my core has improved dramatically.  Cannot recommend Nicola’s classes enough, her warm positive personality shines through every class." 

Vickey, Pilates Group Class Client, 2018 to present

"Nicola does private sessions of both Yoga and Pilates for myself and my partner. She tailors these sessions to suit our needs and abilities, we are both cyclists and use this to help to balance our bodies. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nicola for her knowledge, professionalism and her motivational enthusiasm."

Jane & James, Private Yoga & Pilates Clients, 2018 to present

"Nicky is much more than a health coach. She deeply cares about your wellbeing and progress. Nicky’s ability to cut through the noise and help me to understand the most important next steps for my situation allowed me to push through limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for years. I still refer to the work we did together and regularly think back to the breakthroughs I had during my time with Nicky. I can wholeheartedly recommend Nicky as a highly professional coach with the perfect balance of integrity and care."

Jodi, Health Coaching Client, 2018


​"Inspiring and supportive PT and health coaching, I have found all my sessions with Nicky to be fun and engaging, she is a motivating and uplifting person to be around and helps me to achieve my goals in the best possible way."

Victoria, Personal Training & Health Coaching Client, 2018 to 2019

"Nicola is a great Pilates teacher and I love going to her classes. She tailors the class to your own needs and I always feel much better after having been to her class. I have recommended her to many friends!"

Louise, Pilates Group Class Client, 2018 to present

"I had been looking for a good Pilates class for a while and am delighted to have found Nicola's class. She is a very positive, calm teacher who is very knowledgeable about all aspects of health & fitness. The class is aimed at exactly the right level and there are always different options and difficulty levels for all positions and movements. I would highly recommend these classes"

Karen, Group Pilates Class Client, 2018 to present

​“I contacted Nicola after viewing her website. Her website showed me that she really was the missing piece to the jigsaw making up my life. I strongly believed in order to be the best version of me Nicola was what I needed to keep me on track. It really was the final piece of the jigsaw, ensuring everything else in my life ran smoothly. After meeting Nicola I fast realised I was right. She totally understood my goals and requirements. Everything she suggested was for my individual benefit. After each session, I left every single time feeling like she had got inside my head and delivered everything that my body required during each session. I struggle to invest in myself, as a busy mum to three little ones. However she has taught me the benefit of being happy. The harder she pushes me the more I smile. Nicola makes me so happy and the benefits are reaching my family. She really is magical!”

Harinder, Personal Training Client, 2017-2018

“Nicola has been a fantastic PT over the past few months. She spent time understanding what I wanted to get out of my sessions and then tailored each and every session to me. She advised on nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing. She was extremely supportive during my sessions and was in regular contact throughout the week to make sure I was sticking to my goals. She pushed me hard during my sessions but never to a point where I wanted to give up. This along with her fantastic nutritional advice has meant I've lost nearly a stone and inches off my hips, waist and legs. 

Nicola has made sure that I've done this in a sustainable way that I can use for the rest of my life. 

I cannot recommend Nicola enough :)

Becca, Personal Training Client, 2017

Nicky is a brilliant health coach. She has helped me to change the way I live my life. I felt she was totally dedicated to helping me succeed in my goals. Nicky clearly puts so much work and effort into each session that it helped me to push myself. Nicky has an extremely personable and caring nature, and with her positive outlook on life, she is the perfect person to help you achieve your goals!” 

Hannah, Personal Training Client, 2017

“I contacted Nicola because at the age of 57 and being a cancer survivor I wanted to do the best I could to be as fit and healthy as I could be to enjoy my twilight years. I am so thankful I picked up the phone and made that call. As soon as I met Nicky she made me feel welcome and at ease. She took time to get to know me and understand what I wanted to achieve and also what I was capable of and what my limitations were. Nicky not only worked out a personal Pilates routine for me that built up over the 12 week plan as I got stronger but she also coached me on how to eat clean and healthily to nourish my body. Nicky is full of recommendations of good cook books and recipes and also gave me ideas of beautiful places to visit. I cannot recommend Nicky enough, she is an inspirational young lady and her passion for exercise and eating healthy is infectious. Nicky has totally changed my life for the better, I feel more energised and positive and I now have the tools and knowledge to lead a healthier lifestyle. Call Nicky now..... you won’t be disappointed!”

Christine, Private Pilates Client, 2017

​“Nicola took me and 50 other British soldiers through some amazing and challenging core sessions. Prior to the sessions, we discussed what would be the best sort of workout for the lads who are generally fit and strong, and Nicola came up with a session. The lads loved it and as an army PTI I will take some of what she taught me and introduce it to the regimental PT sessions. She is a good instructor with good teaching techniques; the lessons are all fun, and you can truly feel the benefit after each and every one"  

Trooper Frost, A Squadron, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, 2016

“Nicola made a thorough investigation in to our physical limitations before preparing a set of Pilates exercises tailored to our needs. The initial sessions with Nicola helped us understand the basics of Pilates and how to approach the exercises. She then followed this up with a guidance pack comprising a script detailing each phase of the exercises and photographs of key elements. We now use these to guide our regular exercise sessions. We are already feeling the benefits (one month after first session). We found Nicola to be professional, caring and insightful in her work with us; she also made the sessions fun."   

Carol & Peter, Private Pilates Clients, 2016-present

“Fantastic PT! My father suffered a stroke and the doctor’s advice was for him to change his lifestyle which included working on general fitness and diet. I asked Nicola to help my dad lose weight, get his fitness up and instil a healthy routine for my father, which was especially difficult given it wasn’t that long since the stroke itself. Nicola’s knowledge and expertise is second to none. She know how to progress my father from slowly walking to jogging, body weight exercises and make subtle but important dietary changes. My father was certainly inspired. He has lost weight, he feels more fit, he does 10-12k steps a day and he has been fully on the road to recovery. Nicola is a great motivator and knows how to get the best out of someone. Pushing the right amount, knowing what the limits are and when to push past them. Was a real pleasure to meet Nicola and I have been extremely impressed the progress my father made under the stewardship of Nicola. I thoroughly recommend Nicola for whatever your fitness goals and objectives may be.”

Suk, Son of Personal Training Client, 2017

“Contacting Nicky was one of the best decisions I could have made. The guidance, assistance and motivation from Nicky has been amazing. The work outs which I initially felt challenging were all worthwhile and the personal interest and focus that Nicky showed me in helping me to achieve my goals together with her motivation and encouragement has been great. I feel so much better for having embarked on this journey with Nicky and wish her all the very best for the future which she so deserves. Have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nicky should you be looking for a personal trainer.”

Diane, Personal Training Client, 2017

"Nicola is caring, encouraging, hugely inspiring and gives 110% for her clients. I would recommend Nicola to anyone who really wants to make a life change. I no longer use food as a reward or as something to comfort myself with. I eat to be good to myself. My body is finally reflecting my inner strength."  

Aline, Health Coaching Client, 2016

“Nicola is a brilliant PT, she has the rare qualities of being very professional but makes the sessions tough but fun. I would highly recommend using Nicola to either get into shape or learn more about nutrition/Yoga and wellbeing.”

Jeremy, Personal Training Client, 2017

“Nicky is a brilliant health coach. She has helped me to change the way I live my life. I feel she is totally dedicated to helping me succeed in my goals. By holding me accountable for the actions we set in each session we continue to move forwards. Nicky clearly puts so much work and effort into each session that it helps me to push myself to make sure I do what I say I will. Nicky has an extremely personable and caring nature, and with her positive outlook on life, she is the perfect person to help you achieve your goals!

When my friends and colleagues ask me what health coaching is, I describe it as someone who helps me to implement some things I already know, and introduce me to new ways of thinking and living. In our first session Nicky explained how the process would work and we set goals for one, three and six months. Back then I was coming out of some very stressful months, mostly due to work, and after a holiday I was desperate to implement changes in my life so I didn’t go back to that stressful way of life.

Now we are three months in and I am so happy that we have met all the goals that I set myself so far. My well being is that of a different person to who I was a year ago. I have gone from barely buying food, to home cooking most meals, including preparing lunches for work. I am sleeping better, have increased energy levels and most importantly hardly any body pain. Previously this was almost constant pain. I have also managed to quit smoking and am drinking less alcohol. I have a much clearer state of mind and enjoy my healthier lifestyle and the achievement of home cooking and few hangovers!”

Claire, Health Coaching Client, 2017

“I started pilates as my physio had always said to me that unless I did some form of exercise, in particular pilates, I would continue to be in almost constant pain. When Nicky started health coaching me, my body pain naturally came up in discussion, and I decided to try pilates to see if it could help.

In as little as two weeks I noticed a difference! Now nearly ten sessions in and I have hardly any pain in all the areas I was having it - my head, jaw, neck, shoulders and back. I am noticing muscles I didn’t know existed, especially in my arms and my posture is starting to improve.

Being a person who does very little apart from walking each day, I have always put off taking up any form of exercise. However, pilates is great and our sessions fly by each week. Nicky is an excellent teacher and makes the sessions very easy to follow. So easy in fact that we do them over skype in different hemispheres! I would highly recommend Nicky, she is very professional and thorough and puts you at ease immediately with her naturally friendly and caring nature.”

Claire, Private Pilates Client, 2016-present

"Nicola is great fun. She worked me hard which is just what I needed. She listened attentively and adapted the exercises as I use a wheelchair. I have had a great time. Thank you Nicola xxxxxx"   

Frances, Personal Training Client, 2016 

"Very professional and great support and encouragement.  Provides tough but enjoyable sessions.  Brilliant Personal Trainer!"   

Tom, Personal Training Client, 2016

"Very individual Personal Training geared exactly to my needs, with exceptional empathy to what I wish to achieve and my goals. Fantastic!"  

Sarah, Personal Training Client, 2016

"Best part of the break was meeting Nicola Wilkinson who was the resident yoga and pilates teacher whilst we were there. Fantastic teacher and my husband enjoyed yoga for the first time ever." 

Chantal, Group Class participant, Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, 2015 (Trip Advisor Review)

​“I can see the difference in my body already...the overall tone, especially on my stomach has considerably improved.  It's given me the drive to improve my overall fitness... Nicola's teaching is fantastic - she makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. She explains everything and talks you through each exercise... I love it!"   

Louise, Private Pilates Client, 2015

“Pilates has helped me to strengthen my core muscles which are vital for my weight training and in preventing injuries from my cardio work.  I also find the concentration involved in Pilates provides me a real sense of mental release.” 

Matthew, Private Pilates Client, 2015

“I approached Nicola about strengthening and removing some discomfort in my lower back. After my initial consultation I received a plan specifically tailored for my needs, which was then delivered in a professional yet personable manner. I have since continued these routines in my own time which is great with a busy work schedule. Highly recommended.”  

Lee, Private Pilates Client, 2015

“On behalf of The Priory & Charles House - a massive thank you for all you did yesterday. The staff absolutely loved the session and wanted to say a huge thank you for making them feel so valued and de stressed.”  

Jordy, Therapy Manager, Charles House, The Priory, 2014